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This Saturday Craig is hosting the Buckeye group at his home in Maui Meadows.  His address is 3288 Keha Drive.  The way to get there is go South from Kihei on Piilani Highway towards Wailea.  The first exit for Maui Meadows is Mapu Place, turn left there.  Drive about half mile to the first Stop Sign you come to, which is Kupulau Drive and turn left.  You drive .4 miles to the 4th street on your right on the winding road all the way to the top.  Turn Right on Keha Drive and pass about 5 driveways on your right, when you come to the second Hedge park alongside it.  At the end of the hedge you will see the mail box with 3288 on it.  Walk to your right down the driveway to the stairs at the end that take you upstairs and your there.  Do Not go into down stairs unit.

Katie and Justin are getting married this coming Monday, so they may not make it.  Lets wish them the very best in handling all the stress with getting themselves prepared and dealing with family and friends and who knows when Justin may get called out for a photo Op job!  Hope you all support them by being at their wedding....I will be there for sure!

Now our Buckeyes, can they maintain the offensive fire power and improve on Defense?

We know Braxton Miller is now on everyone's radar for the Heisman Award.  Other high candidates are LB Manti Te'o of Notre Dame and Collin Klein of Kansas State.  CNN has picked Braxton as the mid season Offensive player of the year.  No other Buckeyes are getting any mention at all.  Hope all this hype and news media attention does not give Braxton  a Big Head or cause him to lose his focus. 

Carlos Hyde with 156 yards this past week is starting to show consistency at running back.  And of course the Offensive Line continues to shine making it all possible for Braxton and Carlos to do what they do best.
While coach Meyer is content with the offensive rushing game, I feel we still need a kick in the butt at getting better and more production in the passing game.  It has been very weak and even almost at the bottom of the Big Ten!

Now Defense has been a disgrace!!  What else can we say.  Urban is so upset, he said he will coach the defense in practice this week.  He is going to move in on Fickell's dire defense.  Luke Fickell is making NO excuses for the Defense...what can he say?  Well here is what he said "Don't Whine, Don't Complain, Don't make excuses.  We know it is about Big Plays, and if we can limit big plays we'll be in a lot better situation."  In other words, if the defense does not improve, he will be packing his bags to go else where next year if not before.  This Defense is Not Acceptable.  Can Urban motivate and improve the Defense and ease the pain and suffering he is experiencing in the close game against Indiana?  If so, it may help to save Fickell's job.  One game does not make a season and Purdue is sliding downwards fast, so even an improvement in Defense against Purdue does not mean much.  It has to improve in every game the rest of this season!

Zach Boren has been moved to middle linebacker until Etienne Sabino can return from a broken right fibula.
Urban Meyer has been very impressed with 86 Heuerman and Nick Vannett as Lead Blockers and Tight Ends.  While Stoneburner is beginning to get better again and was a good blocker in the Indiana game.

Purdue and Ohio State have split the last six games between them.  But we are 37-14-2 all-time against them.  The two games they won at The Shoe was in 1988 and 1968.

Purdue has been terrible against the rush this year, so figure on Ohio State pounding the ball on the ground again.

If the Buckeyes win against Purdue we will be the only college football team in the nation at 8 - 0.

Tid Bits:  There was  a strange poll done by the Ozone, where they asked the question:  Outside of Braxton Miller, which young player gives you the most excitement for the future?  The player that got the most votes was number 8 Noah Spence a DE.  The other choices were Ryan Shazier who came in second, Rod Smith third, Devin Smith, Michael Thomas and Doran Grant.

Vanderbilt just cancelled the 2013 August 31st game with Ohio State.  West Virgina would be the most intriguing choice but of course no one thinks Gene Smith will do that (what give Ohio State a competitive non-conference game?).  The other choices are BYU, Washington State, Tulane, Kansas, UTEP or Southern Miss..

Buckeye Basketball is right around the corner and our mens team is ranked fourth pre-season and some are ranking Indiana first. Our womens team will have Aaron Craft's sister Cait Craft on the team.  She is said to be a good defender and  3-point shooter.

Lets Go BUCKEYES and get the job done against Purdue both offense and defense.  We are picked by 19 points.

Until next time, Buckeye Bob

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At 12:55 PM, Blogger Lisa said...

Hi Buckeye Bob,

We are coming to Maui from Columbus and would like to watch the games for the next couple of weeks while in Maui. Any suggestions on where to watch the game?

Shawn and Lisa


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