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Note of Attention for Maui Ohio State University football fans:  Some of our local fans have been upset at the Sports Page Bar and Grill for  not getting new HD service for their TV's.  Richard Long bad cold and all may volunteer to let the Sports Page know what is going on, so they will not have to open early on Saturday mornings for our group.  Thus, if they are not opening early 6am for any other college football fans, they can resume opening at their regular scheduled time of 8am. on Saturday morning.  My hat goes off to Richard Long for his respect,  courtesy and good manners in doing this good deed  on behalf of all the local  Buckeyes...   Thank You Richard. (Richard is second from right in above picture, on end is his wife Barbara)

Therefore, our local core group of Buckeyes will be meeting at Katie Cook (that is Katie with me in top photo) and Justin's house to watch the games on their Big Screen High Definition TV set.  Katy always has a huge Ohio State banner in front of her house and the address is 79 Noulu Street.  Their house is near the Safeway Shopping Center.  Go to the Round-A-Bout and head North.  Go straight until it dead ends, Turn Right and next street Noulu Street Turn Left.  There house is second house from the end of the street on the left side.  See all the core group and hopefully other Buckeyes there.  I let Howard Raboy from Seattle know and he will be there.

Now, the football Hype of who will be Number One.  Well that is a good question and as my brother-in-law Herb said,  anyone's guess is as good as the Experts.  Some of the best teams from last year have lost key players, so there is No One Clear Choice this year.  Some say Alabama, LSU, Oklahoma, USC or Florida State.  Kirk Herbstreit goes as far as saying it will be USC and Florida State in the National Championship game, with Florida State winning with their Defense.  In the past sometimes neither team he predicted even made it to the Championship game.  Herbstreit goes on to say the Heisman winner will be Matt Barkley from USC,  Now there are one or two spoilers in each conference waiting to upset the favorite teams and gain fame like Oregon, Arkansas, Texas, etc..  So the bottom line for all of us football fans, it looks like a great forthcoming football seasons with many surprises!!

The Big Ten Conference is much like the National spot light, with No Clear cut favorites, and many teams that seem to have the potential to go all the way.  The first choice is usually Wisconsin, with their great Offensive line and Defense and the Return of Heisman candidate Montee Ball running the ball.  Michigan with their Quarterback Denard Robinson.   Michigan State with their Superior Defense, which includes William Gholston, number two, whom they hope has matured a bit this year.  Purdue cannot be overlooked because they return more starters than anyone from last years team.  19 return, 8 on Offense and 8 on Defense and 2 on Special Teams.  And of course Nebraska has thrown their hat in the mix, with a pretty solid team returning, including running back Burkhead .  And for some reason the new coach at Illinois Tim Beckman is so highly thought of by many football experts, that Illinois also is said to have a chance at fame this year.  They do have a great returning QB Nathan Scheelhusse and traditionally usually have a solid defense.

Now what about the New Urban Meyer Era at The Ohio State University?  He grew up in Ashtabula, got his under graduate degree at Cincinnati and Master degree from Ohio State.   First his accomplishments are astonishing!! His record is 104-23 and the 6th youngest coach to reach 100 wins.  Against top ten teams he is 11-4.  In Bowl games he is 7-1.  And in BCS games and overtime games he is 4-0.  His four tenets to winning are 1. Great Defense, 2. Score in Red Zone, 3. Dominate Turnovers and 4. Win the kicking game.  The trainer for the Buckeyes had the players in good shape before they were turned over to Meyer and after an almost Brutal Training camp, they look mean and angry and ready to play beyond their  best abilities.  Urban says he will play the best players and if players are careless with the football on offense he will replace them.  I know Braxton Miller is a tremendous runner but he has to be at his best, otherwise he will get a rest and Kenny Guiton will have a chance.  I have always liked Guiton a lot and would love to see him play some.  Of course if the team is clicking on all cylinders, they will be so far ahead at half-time that Kenny will get some playing time anyhow.

Urban said the players that have improved the most since Spring practice until the present are running back Carlos Hyde and Garrett Goebel Nose Tackle.  He said Braxton Miller has improved  tremendously  but is still an Athletic being a QB and he wants him to be a QB that is athletic.

It looks like a few stupid mistakes by three of the players Jake Stoneburner, Jack Mewhart  and Storm Klein will be back in the line up.  Also Jordan Hall will be back by at least the third game.  And possibly the injured Nathan Williams  may be returning to full speed.  So with one of the most talented laden football teams in the USA on the gridiron in 2012, Ohio State could possibly be one of the Big Spoilers in the Big Ten, as we play all the contenders for the Big Ten Championship.  And as always, Ohio State has a generally speaking weak non-conference schedule, so it is very possible that we may go 12 and 0.  Many Buckeye fans expect nothing less than a 10 - 2 season.

Just for the fun of it, it would really be a feather in The Big Ten Conference cap, if Michigan can beat Alabama this Saturday.  While it is possible, the Vegas odds makers have Alabama as  a 12 point favorite.  We do not often cheer for the team up North, but this Saturday I for one will be rooting for them.

Our first week of football Ohio State will be facing the third active quarter back with the most yards passing in college football in Miami's Dysert and that QB has his favorite receiver back Harwell.  Barkley of USC and Landry Jones QB of Oklahoma are the only two active QB's with more passing yardage.   However, Dysert was sacked 46 times last year and Miami had only a 4-8 season.

That is all for now....GO BUCKS!!!  Buckeye Bob

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